Voices from our first time visitors ;-)

"Today I received the Kit that you sent me. I wish to say that I  am very grateful to you. It is a beautiful design and I know that I will enjoy stitching it. Thank you also for your catalogue, I admire your designs very much. They have a fine delicacy to them which I find appealing.   Your dancers are magical and your children are so sweet. Again, thank you very much."
Ruth Carlos from Australia.
"Your kits are wonderful. I am interested in purchasing the kits of your oriental children designs."
Cindy Baxter from England.

" I really enjoy your web site."
Rita Ng from Forest Hills, NY.
"Looks like you have a great site here. The graphics are great!!!"
Patti S Johnston from Manning, SC USA.

Voices from our monthly lucky winners ;-)
What a surprise to find I have won! I found your site- quite by accident, and was most interested in your designs! Thank you most heartily!
Enid Hecker from New Mexico, USA
Wow! Thanks a lot! I just love your web site!
Lisa Han from KS, USA
Hello, Thank you so much for the free pattern. I appreciate you and I am going to have to stop in and shop more often. How would I go about purchasing the Yorkshire Terrier pattern and the Poodle pattern that you are giving away next time. I love dogs and raise Yorkies and Poodles. (and dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Maltese)
Donna Bunting from AR, USA
Thank you so very much, I am very excited about this. I really look forward to receive the kit, as I liked what I saw on the 'net.
Elisabeth Helsing from Sundsbruk, Sweden
I can't believe I've won!!!! YIPPEE!!!! I've never won in any internet contest before, so this is really a nice surprise, thank you so much!!!! :o) I'll be looking forward to my "Golden Dewdrop" free kit, it's a real beauty
Kati Suortti from Helsinki, FINLAND
Hello, I really am feeling lucky, I never win anything. I am so excited about being the May winner. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the drawing.
Louise Baggett from Alabama, USA
OH WOW! Thank you - that is wonderful!. - Thank you very much.
Olivia Hollins from Johannesburg, South Africa
Thank you very much, I usually never win anything.
Peggy Bookey from Alaska, Canada

…and many many more. Your voice makes PINN-Stitch.com lively! Warmly welcome to our web board and guest book for you all to talk or share your cross stitch experiences and also other topics of your interests. Thanks!