Shirley Goodrich - Bennett and her "Eight Immortals"

From Shirley Goodrich - Bennett, sharing her enjoy stitching experience
"I recently finished your "Eight Immortals" and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the whole project. This is something my husband wanted me to do since we're both interested in Asian Art. We visited your country a few years ago and it still remains our favorite trip.

The project took me nine months. I know I spent at least five hours a day but what a labor of love. I found your graphs easy to follow and each page was another adventure for me. I was sorry when it came to an end. My daughter finished it for me and it now hangs in our dining room as a tapestry for everyone to admire. I want Saifhon Borisuthipandit to know how much I enjoyed doing the work. In closing, I want you to know, I turned 80 while working on it and have stitched with only one eye for five years."

Thank you for sending in a photo of the finished picture. If other readers would like to stitch this design, click the image it will direct you to Eight Immortals page and enjoy shopping!

PINN’s real fan Sietske van Gelder from Wijhe in the Netherlands just finished her newest PINN Motor Cycling (33-B) a project for brother in law.

Thank you for sending in a photo of the finished picture. If other readers would like to stitch this design, click the image it will direct you to Motor Cycling page and enjoy shopping!

Reesy Tetley from Columbia, Missouri

A satisfied stitchers, Reesy Tetley from Columbia, Missouri is happy to share her just finished project. "Since February that PINN Two Sisters cross stitch kit arrived to me in Columbia, the kit was wonderful with ample thread, a colored pattern which was very helpful and it was easy to follow. Thanks for the great kit!" Thank you for sending in a photo of the finished picture. If other readers would like to stitch this design, click the image it will direct you to Hat Collection page and enjoy shopping!

Orit Gal-Nur from Houston, Texas

Hello, I am from Houston Texas. I made this kit about 2 years ago and it's my favorite! I call the girl Katarina. I have never been able to find any cool designs like I've found through PINN. Thanks for the great choices!

Thank you for sending in a photo of the finished picture. If other readers would like to stitch this design, click the image it will direct you to Hat Collection page and enjoy shopping!


The Free Zone Lucky Winner of July, 2001 for PINN ‘The Gardener’ cross stitch kit, Sietske van Gelder, shows us the finished picture which we are sure it will be beautiful decoration. Cross stitch lover from the Netherlands also shares cross stitch friends her other two finished projects of PINN ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘The Snowman’. Hope the cheerful designs be great gift and ornament for the wonderful holiday to come.

PINN invites you to share your stitching experiences with others. Our stitchers stories are here to inspire you to stitch for every occasion and event, just like Sietske van Gelder

Christmas 2000
Christmas 2001
Thank you Helen Sweetland from Lingfield, England for sharing us your very good time with the super star Jackie Chan and PINN of Christmas 2000 & 2001.

…. Some time back in the year 2000, I heard Jackie Chan was having another Fan Club Party in Hong Kong in December 2000. I was determined I would go, and take him a Christmas gift. I chose PINN Red Ferrari kit as Jackie loves cars, and has a red Ferrari of his own, I hoped he would like this design. I kept working on the Ferrari design, and added Jackie's name on the bonnet in very slanted italic letters. Then I mounted and framed it, using a black frame. Jackie was genuinely pleased with the picture, and was showing it to the other people on his table later on, even pointing me out as the person who had made it for him.

….For Christmas 2001, with the picture of Jackie that PINN charted for me about 9 months ago, which I stitched for him and gave it to him in Toronto, Canada at a reception at the CN Tower. He looked at it and said ‘It’s me!!’ Then he said ‘Thank you so much. How long did it take to make? Being a member of his fanclub, I realize there is no other big star would give so much to their fans as Jackie does, he is a very special person that only special gift deserves for him. My only problem now is: what am I going to do for him for Christmas 2002?

Best wishes,
Helen (Sweetland)

The World of Cross Stitching issue April 2002
Column “Letters…Tell us your stitching news”

Everything’s rosy

From Tricia Phipps, Leicester UK.

Here I am holding my latest completed project – ‘Lady of the Roses’. It took me three months to finish. My husband helped me with the border and now at last it hangs in the living room.

Thank you for sending in a photo of the finished picture. If other readers would like to stitch this design, click this image it will direct you to Lady of the Roses page and enjoy shopping!

CrossStitcher issue April 2000
Little Miss Greenfingers, a lovable little girl helps out in the garden.


CrossStitcher says it is pretty gift!. Children always love to help out in the garden and this little lady has decided to be chief flower waterer today! This pretty design makes a charming picture, sure to make an impact wherever you hang it. It would also make a sweet gift for a keen little gardener.

Our Little Miss Greenfingers is from a PINN picture Gardening (34-B) from sub-category of Family & Friends. Also in this appealing range are Little Sister (37-A), At the windowsill (34-D), My kitten (34-E) and My pets (14-G).

These are just a few of the 700-plus PINN designs in which include a wide variety of engaging characters and animals so there’s plenty of choice. Enjoy selecting and shopping!

Thank you The World of Cross Stitching and Averil Brockbank from Cumbria for selecting PINN Motorcross (33-I) for William, the motor-mad.

Know PINN more by true story from

The true story to know us more…..

Quoted from Cross Stitcher magazine no.100 October 2000 column ‘Holiday Snapshots’ page 8-9 by Reida Willman, St Helens Merseyside titled of ‘Destination full of promise’ wrote that….

Before my recent holiday Thailand, I sent for the PINN catalogue as they advertised kits of Thai dancers. I then noticed they had a head office in Chiang Mai, the town where I was going to stay, so I decided to try to find some kits while I was there. On a day trip I saw a young lady doing cross stitch at the counter of one of the shops. With help form our guide I got the name of the shop she uses. The address was written in Thai and we had some directions, so off we set. When we found the shop, the assistants were all busy with their cross stitch. The shop sold nothing but cross stitch kits and I have never seen so many in my life. There were literally hundreds of kits on shelves and stands all around the shop. Even though the girls spoke very little English, we had a lovely time while they found kits in the catalogue I had taken with me and others they thought I might like. So, if anyone is going to Chiang Mai for their holidays, there is a lovely shop at the back of the day market. However take some extra cash – they may be cheap but you really are spoilt for choice and there is a great temptation to buy more than you intended.

Of course as Ali from answered to the story that you will have fun with PINN cross stitch kits. If in Thailand, visit PINN at

PINN shop in 12 HK
Chiang Mai, Thailand
PINN shop in Airport Plaza
Chiang Mai, Thailand
PINN shop in Pattaya

But we are in today world of cybershopping, make your shopping more convenient by choosing at home and then order online the finished cross stitch from PINN online gallery.

Kit reviews by The World of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 38 Christmas 2000 Need a Christmas chart in a hurry? Look no further than PINN seasonal selection. Designs so beautiful, you'll want to stitch them all.

Issue of Xmas, 1999

From the sweetest animals to traditional Thai dancers from PINN's homeland, there's something to suit everyone. All the designs in the PINN are made up of just whole cross stitches, so they're ideal for beginners as well as expert stitchers looking to fill a few hours at your happy stitching time.Adorable kitten to make your Christmas extra special. The kitten makes a lovely framed picture. Her sweet little face is sure to charm her way into the hearts of everyone who sees her, you couldn't wish for a nicer welcome into your festive home!

Issue of Jan, 2000

Celebrate New Year with Saifon B.'s Fairy Bee. Brighten up a winter's day with the sunny character. The Fairy Bee's impish grin will bring a cheerful touch to your New Year's stitching and would make a perfect picture or card for any fan of fairies. The bee is just one of the characters from The Bee Gang. There are five other individual ones to stitch - a dragonfly, ladybug, butterfly, beetle and cocoon. All six also appear in a group, nestling among cornflowers, lilies and thistles in one picture.


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